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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Promo Tour and Giveaway Turkish Delights by Liz Crowe

New Anthology Print Cover:

Bundle Covers:

Book Blurb:

For the print anthology:

A young American woman comes face to face with her destiny in Istanbul in the 1960's and an epic dynasty is born.   

When Vivian Kinkaid turns around in her college classroom and makes eye contact with a man who was once her forbidden childhood friend, her life is changed forever. 

A sweeping saga of family, love, loss and recovery—The Turkish Delight series begins with a special sort of magic. Then  Madame Eve works her miracles for the Deniz family, but even she can’t overcome the harsh realities that force this Turkish/American family all to deal with tragedy when one of their own is ripped from their close-knit circle. 

 “The Turks” opens with best-selling classic romance for the ages.  Then ends with a thrilling novella that brings all the players back together.  Set in Istanbul, Las Vegas, and Southern California, The Turkish Delights series has it all—heat, heart, intrigue and a deep, family connection that transcends all barriers.

The Diplomat's Daughter

Turkish Delights

Blue Cruise

Tulip Princess

Flower Passage

Individual Blurbs for the books:

The Diplomat’s Daughter:

When Vivian Kincaid's eyes meet those of a hunky local at the Turkish university her father forces her to attend, it only takes her a split second to recognize her childhood friend. Levent Deniz was the servant boy who taught her to run the streets of Istanbul years before, giving outlet to her wild streak even as a child. 

Now face-to-face once again as adults, the only thing standing between them and happiness is her father. The newly appointed Consul General for the United States has other plans for his only daughter. Ones that do not include a former servant, now successful entrepreneur and businessman. He will do everything in his power to keep them apart. 

The Diplomat's Daughter is set in 1960s Istanbul and tells the story of pre-destiny, passion and the rebellious power of true love.

Turkish Delights (1NightStand)

The fifteen year age difference between Elle Kensington, expatriate American executive and Emre Demir, son of Istanbul's most successful businessmen, has not kept them from becoming fast friends as they toured Istanbul together. But the time has come for him to return to the U.S. to finish his master's degree, and she has just been named CEO of the pharmaceutical company that brought her to Turkey in the first place. Elle adores her adopted country, and is alarmed to find herself falling in love with the young man who's been her impromptu guide for the last few months.

She knows they can never be. She will return home to California within a month, leaving behind all she loves about the ancient city. In a rare fit of spontaneity, Elle has contracted with Madame Eve's 1Night Stand dating service, hoping to find a way to forget the dark, handsome young man who has captured her heart. Little does she know what awaits her in the ancient recesses of the Ottoman palace turned luxury hotel under the hands of her one-night stand masseur.

Blue Cruise (1NightStand, m/m)

Caleb and Tarkan were an odd couple—men from two different cultures—so in love, they were determined to overcome any obstacles. But fate had different plans for Tarkan. Shattered and unable to function a full two years after tragedy strikes, Caleb faces the hollow shell that is his life. 

Adem Broussard is happy enough, as owner and chef of his restaurant on the Turkish southern coast. But a tall, American Adonis he saw once, years ago on a Turkish Blue Cruise haunts his most erotic dreams, and he hopes contracting Madame Eve's 1NightStand service for an unconventional date will help him forget. 

When Caleb caves in to his friend Elle's insistence that he return to Turkey and exorcise some of the demons that haunt him, he reluctantly climbs on board a private yacht for a special 1Night Stand Blue Cruise. There he comes face to face with the man who remembers him well…and helps him heal.

Tulip Princess (1NightStand, BDSM)

Lale Deniz was always prone to wildness. But when her family is ripped apart at the seams, she becomes more reckless than ever. Desperate to stop her self-destructive slide, her parents step in and send her to America to live with her brother, Emre. Just the chance, she thinks, to escape the tragedy suffusing her Istanbul home. 

Andreas Michos, Greek former NFL star, the recently divorced athletic director at UNLV, floats through life seeking fulfillment. He has reason to doubt his own abilities as a natural Dom and has given up finding his perfect mate. Until he agrees to a 1Night Stand. 

Set against a backdrop of ancient cultural clashes and Mediterranean family dynamics, Lale and Andreas meet in Las Vegas at the Castillo resort for their date. But it seems Madame Eve and destiny will both fail this time, unless Lale and Andreas are willing to relinquish enough control to discover what happiness can be found inside the soul of the other. Will stubbornness keep them from connecting, or can they let go long enough to heal?

Flower Passage (final novella, m/m/m)

What would you do if the lover, brother, son, and friend you thought you'd lost forever was returned to you? 

Brutally battered, emotionally and physically for the past two years, Tarkan Deniz has escaped his captors. When the Deniz family discovers the shocking truth they rally and do everything in their power to bring him back safely. But all have been affected by the tragedy of his loss and must come to terms with the new reality, each in their own way. 

When Happily Ever After seems like a nightmare...one man can bring healing to all, but will he ever be the same man again? 

Flower Passage is a story of love lost and regained, even if it takes a slightly different form than before.

Interview with Liz Crowe:
Hello and thanks for letting us host another tour for you.  So I am going to jump right in and ask a question.  I know the answer to this question BUT my readers may not.  How did you come to write a series set in Turkey?
  I lived in Istanbul, Turkey for 2 years and found it so utterly inspiring (both good and bad) that when I was thinking about a short series of stories based on the Decadent Publishing 1NightStand series I automatically thought that Istanbul would make a GREAT place to set one of Madame Eve’s mysterious dating service outposts.  So I wrote 3 of them. Then, I really needed to wrap up one of the dangling plot strings, which I did---after I wrote the prequel! 
If someone asked which series to read first, The Turkish Delights or The Stewart Realty series, which would you say? Why?
 Well, I’d say honestly that I love both of these series, for different reasons.  The Turks started off as a bit of a challenge I set for myself. I had just had the original Stewart Realty series book, which I called Floor Time but that eventually became 3 different books, rejected by a couple of publishers including Decadent.  So I took a look at one of their established series (1NightStand) and set aside my ego and claims that I “couldn’t write short stories” and wrote one (Turkish Delights) that they accepted. In my fairly typical way, I had a compelling secondary character in that book (Caleb, the heroine’s personal assistant who happened to be in a relationship with the twin brother of his boss’ young paramour). His story begged telling so I did that (Blue Cruise) which was also accepted.  It turns out these twin young men had a younger sister—Lale (pronounced “Lah-Ley”)—who was one wild child in need of taming. Hence Tulip Princess (A loose translation of her name) came about. While all of this (and the subsequent prequel and final novella) was happening I finally got the Stewart Realty series picked up and so off I went with that one!Try them both. I promise not to disappoint with either of them!
So looking at this series, your standalone novels and your Stewart Realty series, you seem to always have the underlying theme of Family.  In your new series Black Jack’s Gentleman Series, will you continue that theme as well???  ANNNNND Will we see the Stewart Realty people in it as well?? *holding breath waiting for an answer while saying a little prayer**
I do surround my protagonists with their families in most of my books and with other, supporting characters. Mainly because I like keeping it real, and, whether we like it or not, we are all surrounded by family, friends, colleagues and others that we interact with daily and who make us who we are.
The Black Jack Gentlemen series is an offshoot of Stewart Realty. In the first book MAN ON (a m/m love story) we see a LOT of Rafe and Maureen as Rafe spends a fair bit of the first season getting the new coach on board and up to speed.  Some of the other characters will make appearances.
By the time you get to FREE AGENT (the coach’s story) and RED CARD (a femme domme novella) you will be so enamored with my new cast of characters you won’t miss the fact that the Stewart Realty gang has stepped back out of the spotlight somewhat.
For this series, which is currently only planned as a trilogy unless there are strong sales and a clamor for more, the TEAM is the family and all things can and will be traced back to it. The team is made up of some cast offs, has beens and up and comings who aren’t quite good enough to make The Bigs just yet. And they bond in ways the make them very much like a family.
I know that you are writing PRECIOUS VESSEL which is a dystopian adult erotic novel.  Can you tell us a little bit about it AND how do you think your fans will be able to handle the shift from your current writing projects.  I ask because this seems a little Sci-Fi and your current projects obviously are not.
I wouldn’t call Precious Vessel Sci Fi so much as speculative fiction—a sort of “what if” this happened say, 20 years into the future, still set in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It’s more of a sexy, socio-political thriller than anything overtly erotic or sci-fi.  It will be a total departure for me and I’m even being forced by a new editing partner to OUTLINE the thing as it is plot driven as opposed to character driven like all my previous books.  I’m excited about it. 
Last serious question, and then on to the sillies……With the final Stewart Realty series being wrapped up, do you think you will be sad to say good bye to Jack, Sara and the gang or happy to put that series to bed.  I ask because, as a reader and giant fan of the series, I will be sad to say good bye even though at times I wanted to punch Jack in the face….sorry Jack but it is true!!
It will be a bittersweet ending for me for certain and I am structuring the last book such that everyone feels the same way about it. As a proponent of “keeping it real” I am letting Jack, Sara and their peers age, and the second generation of characters will “tell” the final novel.  I’m not eager to put it to bed necessarily but canNOT wait for you guys to read these last 2 novels.
Ok the sillies…here we go……
What is the name of your new party room at The Tap Room? And what seasonal beers are you serving up right now for any Michigan peps to come and try?
The Gulo Room. “Gulo Gulo” is the scientific name of the Wolverine and is also the name of our distinctive and unique India Pale Lager.  Right now, we have some early spring beers on tap, including a Maibock (a traditional German spring brew) called Drag Me To Helles, and our slightly less hoppy version of the Gulo Gulo: Greenthumb.
I will ask for characters of the Turkish Delights and you tell me what celebrity they are…I have already asked for Andreas (giant SIGH at the mention of his name) so I won’t ask again but who do you see as Caleb/Tarkin/Adem?  Elle and Emre?  Lale? Vivian and Levent?
Caleb is without a doubt Matthew Morrison.
The Tarkan/Emre (twin) role could easily be played by Turkish Hunk-o-Rama actor Burak Ozcivit.
(Twinsie Angie J is currently wiping drool off the keyboard)
Adem Broussard would be played by the lovely Turkish actor Engin Akyurek.
(Twinsie Angie J is currently looking for flights to Turkey to find these hot men!) 
Elle Kensington I could see played by Reese Witherspoon.
Reese Witherspoon
Lale is definitely going to be best portrayed by Rooney Mara.
Vivian Kinkaid would be played by Shailene Woodley while Levent Deniz, patriarch of all this madness would be portrayed by Haluk Piyes.

Decadent Publishing is running a contest consisting of 5 questions plus a bonus round.  All 5 question can be found in various posts throughout the tour.  The commenter who gets the most correct AND leaves their email in their comment will win the following:
1 signed print copy of Turkish Delights
$50 Amazon Gift Card
AND if they get the bonus comments right:
A Beer Wench Tshirt from Liz's Brewery

About the author:

Liz Crowe

Microbrewery owner, best-selling author, beer blogger and journalist, mom of three teenagers, and soccer fan, Liz lives in the great Midwest, in a major college town.  Years of experience in sales and fund raising, plus an eight-year stint as an ex-pat trailing spouse, plus making her way in a world of men (i.e. the beer industry), has prepped her for life as erotic romance author. 

When she isn't sweating inventory and sales figures for the brewery, she can be found writing, editing or sweating promotional efforts for her latest publications.  
Her groundbreaking romance subgenre, “Romance for Real Life,” has gained thousands of fans and followers who are interested less in the “HEA” and more in the “WHA” (“What Happens After?”) 

Her beer blog a2beerwench.com is nationally recognized for its insider yet outsider views on the craft beer industry. Her books are set in the not-so-common worlds of breweries, on the soccer pitch and in high-powered real estate offices.  Don’t ask her for anything “like” a Budweiser or risk painful injury. 

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2md link is paperback