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Monday, November 5, 2012

Fan Girl moment with Author Liz Crowe

Ok, many of you who follow or read our blog know I am a uber Liz fan.  I was introduced to her books by a dear friend Cyn and haven't looked back.  I was so excited to be apart of her first hometown book signing, book reading, and Q and A session.  I got my local book club girls to take the 6 hours drive to Ann Arbor, this past weekend, to be a part of her 6th book release for Escalation Clause. 

Liz was such a gracious host as was her publisher Beth-Ann.  We met them at the Tap Room located in the Wolverine Brewing Company.  We got to take a tour of her brewery which was cool since she writes all about beer and brewing so now some things made a lot of sense.  After we hung out and had some delicious beer before getting taken all around Ann Arbor to see the sights of the book.  We saw the Penthouse where Jack and Sara first met. The Chop Shop where they had dinner. The Ark where Craig and Suz had a few dates. The ICE CREAM place that little Katie loved and I can agree and tell you to how great it was.....We also got to see a few new sights that will be in her newest release.  We ate dinner at the Prickly Pear and saw Vinology plus an alley where Liz says "some stuff will happen" *wink*.

Dinner was so fun because we sat with another fan from Canada, her hubby, Liz's mom and Beth-Ann.  The drinks were flowing as was the conversation.  We got this free access time to talk about the books, her characters and what drives her to do what she does.  It was so amazing getting this one on one time from her and seeing her personality show through in her characters.

The day of the signing was such a blur.  My friends and I retoured the sights taking pictures this time....DUH ANGIE.  After,  we went to the book store and made sure to buy our copies of the new book from this store.  You gotta remember to support the local/indie bookstores too peps!!  :)  When the reading began, we were all giggles because its fun to remember those first few moments with a character plus the first time Jack and Sara meet it is pretty intense and funny.  After the reading, Liz answered any and all questions from books, characters, to information about independent publishing.  When we were all done back to the tap room we went.  We got there and met a few local fans who skipped the signing but came to the Tap Room to meet and chat.  In fine form, Liz welcomed them to our table, took them on a tour of the brewery and chatted with them about anything they wanted to know.  How awesome and how amazing is that.

My entire weekend was so fun and amazing.  Liz was so happy and excited to have us drive all the way to meet her and get our books signed by her.  I think the one thing/memory I will take away from the weekend, besides a major hangover, is how happy, kind, compassionate, and genuine she is.  I look forward to traveling to Tennessee in June for Romfest 2013 to hang out with her and other Realtor fans as well. So to wrap up my blabbering about how AMAZING Liz is please pick up a copy of her books...The Stewart Realty is the book that the release party was being held.  The 6th book in the series is out.  I can tell you this series is emotional and will leave you raw at times but very worth the investment!!!  If emotional reading isn't your things, then try her Turkish Delights series.  Some of her stand alones are Cheeky Blonde, Paradise Hops and Vegas Miracle.  I can tell you Paradise Hops is a great story but VERY emotional where Cheeky Blonde is a fun mystery book.  Any book you buy of Liz's is going to be a great read that much I can promise you!!!

click here for AMAZON LINK to Escalation Clause (Stewart Realty Book 6)

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  1. It sounds like you had a ball. I've picked up a couple of Liz's books...now I just have to find time to read them.
    rmwyer at shaw dot ca