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Monday, October 15, 2012

Reflected In You By Sylvia Day


Reflected in You by Sylvia DayI just finished Reflected In You by Sylvia Day and WOW, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, REMARKABLE, BREATHTAKING, and any other synonym. This book consumed me from the start and I was unable to put it down ( well until I was made to by screaming teenagers… UGH ) I was so happy to see that it started off LITERALLY the day after Cary’s orgy party. I was worried that it wouldn’t but was PLEASENTLY surprised. I love the HEAT between Gideon and Eva it’s always so RAW and UNINHIBITED. They are truly a passionate couple. I felt all of Eva’s pains throughout this book with all the issues surrounding Corrine , HOW Eva held it together without knocking the living SH*T out of her I’ve no idea. I’d done it when she first saw her coming out of Cross Industries. I love the trust she gives Gideon. That kind of trust is RARE…. RARE…. I repeat .. RARE to find and I’m not sure I could have been that way. In my opinion she handled it ALL very well. I love that she FIGHTS for her man at the end and confronts all HIS issues for him. I also enjoyed seeing not only Corrine brought into the mix but Brett. It was interesting to see how she re-acted to seeing him after so many years. Now on to Cary. I HOPE (hint, hint SYLIVA DAY) that he get’s his HEA. He tugs at my heart and I want to see him happy however that turns out. Last but not least most certainly not least… GIDEON CROSS……I love him, I’d have his lil cross babies, he just left me saying Christian WHO? I was confused through the first part of the book not knowing or not remembering without re-reading ( I KNOW BAD BAD ANGIE) about his past if there was any details. When he FINALLY breaks down and it comes out my heart ached for him. This part was EXTREMELY painful for me to read as a sexual abuse survivor but with all books that deal with this subject I always find that I LEARN something and take something away from the scene. BACK TO GIDEON.. I love his dominant personality and his drive to keep his loved ones safe. He amazes me with his determination. He has truly showed Eva in this book to what extent he loves her and will go for her to keep her safe and his forever. *sigh* . I’m excited for the next installment of the Crossfire Trilogy. Can’t wait to see where everyone ends up and how things work out. However sad I will be to see Gideon and Eva’s story come to an end I’m sure Sylvia Day will NOT disappoint us.

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