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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Flesh by Kylie Scott

Book Blurb:
Ali has been hiding in an attic since civilisation collapsed eight weeks ago.

When the plague hit, her neighbours turned into mindless, hungry, homicidal maniacs.

Daniel has been a loner his entire life. Then the world empties and he realises that being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Finn is a former cop who is desperate for companionship, and willing to do anything it takes to protect the survivors around him.

When the three cross paths they band together; sparks fly, romance blooms in the wasteland and Ali, Daniel and Finn bend to their very human needs in the ruins of civilisation.

Lust, love and trust all come under fire in Flesh as the three band together to survive, hunted through the suburban wastelands
Angie J Review:

I heard about this book from a friend. She knows my love for Zombies and love stories and thought I would enjoy to read it. I figured that I watch The Walking Dead so it would be much like an episode of that. I mean Zombies with a love story is perfect reading for me LOL!!!

I started the book and loved how it starts out with a BANG...lots of action and zombies trying to get Ali and Daniel. You can see the mistrust in her because she has seen what happens to civilization when they fall and especially she has seen what happens to women when civilizations falls. Dan is looking for hope and Ali serves as that hope for him. The book does a great job building the trust and love the two feel for each other at a time when trust and love are very far from real. The introduction of Finn comes at a crucial time because there are some not very nice "human" left in the world. The three of them begin to run for their lives when the attraction Ali feels for Finn is revealed. The three of them have to figure out what exactly is the best for all involved.

I loved the book. The zombies are there along with other dangers like bad humans and another deadly infected"thing". The author did a great job ramping up the sexual chemistry between the 3 character AND making your stomach turn in knots over the zombie infestation. I am going to be telling everyone i know about this book because even if you are not a "fan" of zombies, you will enjoy the main plot of the story...survival and what you will do to make sure the ones you love survive!

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